When Lippincott opened in 1966, large-scale sculpture was in its infancy and many American sculptors did not have sufficient resources to cover the costs of realizing large works unless they were commissioned. Galleries seldom had the inclination to fund the fabrication of large-scale sculptures and often did not have the space to exhibit and store them. In addition, few collectors, museums, and institutional patrons were willing to commission a sculpture without seeing a comparable body of completed works. Crucially for its initial group of artists, and for select artists thereafter, Lippincott pioneered the idea of a partnership arrangement to fabricate works on speculation. The artist would provide the concept and all necessary aesthetic direction during fabrication and Lippincott would contribute all labor and materials plus cover costs relating to caring for the jointly owned work until it sold. Completed works were exhibited in the ten-acre field next to our shop where the interest they generated not only led to sales but helped to develop commissions for the artists and galleries involved as well. A motivated partner, Lippincott was actively involved in arranging for partnership sculptures to be more widely exhibited and in promoting sales. When a partnership sculpture sold, Lippincott’s cost of manufacturing was reimbursed, and the remaining balance shared equally with the artist. Partnership sculptures also served to expand awareness of Lippincott as a significant player in the art world of the late ’60s and ’70s. When partnership sales were completed, Lippincott used its share of the proceeds to fund the next joint venture.
I have been taking a rewarding look back in our files and would like to share this first-time digital exhibition of the collection of partnership works executed by Lippincott—I hope you enjoy the show.

—Donald Lippincott

Lippincott, Inc. created sculptures in partnership with the following artists:

Robert Cronin
Rafael Ferrer
Nancy Graves
Donald Judd
Menashe Kadishman
Ellsworth Kelly
June Leaf
Clement Meadmore
Robert Morris
Robert Murray
Edgar Negret
Louise Nevelson
Claes Oldenburg
Stephen Porter
James Rosati
Tony Rosenthal
George Sugarman
Tal Streeter
William Underhill
Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar
Tom Wesselmann
William T. Wiley
Isaac Witkin